Let’s pretend like this wedding isn’t from NOVEMBER and I am just now blogging it ok? Thanks!

Looking outside my window at the snow I’ve loved looking back on these images when there was still leaves on the trees! And of course this fun couple just makes me smile! I grew up with Adam… we went to church together and for as long as I can remember he’s made me laugh. He has a love of life that’s infectious! And what I love most about Kathy is that she loves life right along side of him! They are perfectly made for one another and you can really see that when they’re together.

20131116-FAP_0159bwb 20131116-FAP_0162bwb 20131116-FAP_0187b 20131116-FAP_0195b

The “SMILE” building is such a St. Louis staple and the fact that they got married just a half-block away was a great surprise! Donna, Adam’s mom, LOVES this building so I know she’s going to love these images in particular!

20131116-FAP_0204b 20131116-FAP_0224b 20131116-FAP_0258b

I love her pop of colorful shoes!

20131116-FAP_0264b 20131116-FAP_0334bwb

I adore Adam’s older brother, Mike. He was a senior when I was a freshman and I’ve always looked up to him. What I love most about this image is that Adam and Mike are looking at each other because they make each other laugh harder than any other siblings I’ve ever met! I’ve actually done two photo shoots with just them and I always leave with my face hurting from laughing (behind the lens) so hard!

20131116-FAP_0345bwb 20131116-FAP_0375b 20131116-FAP_0406b 20131116-FAP_0436bwb 20131116-FAP_0442b 20131116-FAP_0471b 20131116-FAP_0528b 20131116-FAP_0540b


It was such a beautiful wedding and such an amazing day. I am SO happy for these two and can’t wait to watch their lives unfold together!