Parker asked to quit her club soccer team this year to pursue dance. It was equal parts a huge shock to us and also exactly what she is meant to do. Once she made that (very hard) decision our girl came alive. It shouldn’t have been a shock that when she allowed her authentic self to come forward that she would blossom – but it was. I could go into SO many more details about how we’re all too busy to really know ourselves anymore but I won’t! Watching her make her decision to quit soccer and pursue dance has been incredible though. She’s taught me so much.

She will be taking dance at Sky Stone Conservatory of the Arts in Webster Groves and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The owner, Jen, was wonderful to talk with when we went in there and I will be honest with you…. we choose to start there simply b/c the classes are after school and not on Saturday and it’s close to our house. However, after meeting Jen, I’m not sure we could go anywhere else. She cares about the world in the same ways we do and our values are lined up in ways that thrill me. To have someone like her feed into Parker’s life is beyond exciting. Also? Her mom, who co-owns the studio with her, is an incredibly talented artist. The entire space just feels GOOD. I never ever ever thought I would be a dance mom but I literally can’t wait for classes to start!

Lastly – if your little one loves dance – book a Studio Mini! It’s only $300 and you’ll get much better images than the ones they take at recitals!