We are finishing up our first week of summer and WOW has it been busy! I’ve had 8 sessions in 7 days plus trying to spend as much fun time with the kids and Chris as possible has meant some crazy late nights this week (tackling my to do list) and an increase in my caffeine intake! This summer I am going to be doing some blog posts about how we explore our awesome city (we found an AMAZING park yesterday for example!) because Chris and I feel strongly about getting out with our kids.

WHY do we feel strongly about getting OUT with our three kiddos? Because if we’re at home we are either doing chores or I’m sucked into work at my computer. It’s hard to break away from what we NEED to do at home and relax. At least it is for us. We will have “Family Movie Night” and about 20 minutes into whatever kid movie we’re all watching you can bet C and I have picked up our phones and are cruising Instagram, FB or just messing around. Our phones are always with us and so that means we’re practically doing a face plant into them a lot of the time – especially when we’re attempting to be with our kids but are really (if we’re being totally honest) just a bit bored. Monopoly Junior can only keep me entertained for so long before I’m checking emails when it’s not my turn!

So for us, getting out to hike or go to a park or just go exploring is a good way for us to be more present since we tend to keep phones in pockets or even in the car.

BUT as I get more and more addicted to capturing our lives on Instagram and notice myself looking at my phone more and more often I knew we needed a change so when I saw the advertisement for this guy… we were all in!


What I love about this concept is that it’s a physical reminder to be more present in your life! Setting down your phone is way too easy to just pick back up.

I first saw the idea because I follow The Happy Family Movement on FB and met the owners, Kansas City photographers Josh and Jenny Solars, a while back so we’re FB friends too – on one of those pages I saw them post about this idea and INSTANTLY I was hooked!

The Solars are starting a Kickstarter campaign and I’m SO excited to support it! If LeVar Burton can do it so can they! I think this is the type of product that all families with young kids need because in a world where technology can easily take over I think it’s such an important idea… the idea of putting your darn phone away and being PRESENT in your life! Because you know who’s watching us being totally checked out and unable to separate from our phones? Our kids. And I know that someday soon they will be the ones having a hard time setting down their phones and it’s going to drive us parents absolutely up the wall!

Go HERE to check out all the details! Here are all the links to find Ned on the web!

(I was not paid or compensated for this blog post – I just really believe in the product and wanted to help them gain support!)