I just realized I never posted Parker’s birthday party from NOVEMBER 2015! Ugh! And I’ve been trying SO hard to keep up with the personal photos! So today is the day!

We SURPRISED PJ with a spa birthday party at my studio and I couldn’t believe we really pulled it off! She had NO idea!


I had the absolute best time decorating the studio! Of course I got a ton of props from Mary and the cake (which everyone RAVED about!) was from Catherine!


Food in tiny little containers is the cutest! HA!


The spa was set up over on one side of the studio and we had 5th and 7th grade beauticians for the 3rd grade girls!

20151113-FAP_5540_WEB 20151113-FAP_5549_WEB 20151113-FAP_5555_WEB

My last minute helpers! As the girls went around getting their finger nails, foot bath, toe nails, hair and make-up done they got to keep what they used so every little girl went home with a toe separator, nail polish, hair brush and make-up. I got it all from Amazon I think!

20151113-FAP_5557_WEB 20151113-FAP_5563_WEB

We started the party with the lights dimmed and they laid down to soft music with cucumbers on their eyes to relax! HA!


Then the girls got to move through the stations! The big kids had just as much fun as the little ones!

20151113-FAP_5574_WEB 20151113-FAP_5587_WEB 20151113-FAP_5592_WEB 20151113-FAP_5623_WEB

After they all were done we had a big dance party! SO FUN!


This photo is printed BIG over Parker’s bed!


We also surprised Parker with Sam and Avery, my nieces, coming in – she had no idea and that was a super fun night! The whole weekend was a total blast!

20151113-FAP_5683_WEB 20151113-FAP_5703_WEB 20151113-FAP_5707_WEB

SO fun! Did you know that YOU can rent our studio for your own party? We even have a huge screen and projector if you want to cuddle up and watch a movie or something!