I have a quote hanging in my office – “Do the thing you love more than anything in life! You might become a bit unpredictable, sometimes cranky, but you will be happier than you ever imagined possible.” Usually I fall into the “happier” category but lately I’ve just been kind of cranky. The stress of the new studio (bleeding money and time) is finally starting to wear on me. I need it to be done and decorated so I can stop worrying about it! And I am really starting to miss soda too. This is the longest I’ve ever gone cold turkey without cheating (I think I’m on week 6) and I just need a treat. And yes, that means I emotionally eat but whatever!

SO instead of going to get what I REALLY want from QT I decided to blog a sweet baby girl because you just can’t stay cranky long looking at these photos!

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Already cheered up! 🙂