Thanks for all of your awesome support for Kim! I know it’s made her feel loved as she moves forward! And trust me, she’ll still be around… just not as much as she has been the last two years.

And I have a post coming soon to follow up her news with how things are changing as I move forward. I have some Halloween stuff to share too!

But first I wanted to give our VERY patient clients their sneak peek of sweet Peyton! She was literally an angel baby! She slept the entire time and we were finished in about two hours…. nearly unheard of!

Steffany brought her childhood quilt along! We love it when we can incorporate personal items!

If I can get my act together there will be lots of posts coming this week! Sneak peeks, new stuff happening, announcements and some personal posts! Hang with me, all the changes combined with our busiest month and holiday stuff starting I’ve got an IV drip of caffeine started so I can go as fast as I can! Happy sugar crash day!