Before the Polar Vortex or Snowmageddon or whatever you want to call the massive snow we had recently, we went hiking with my parents. We LOVE Pickle Springs – one of my very favorite hikes! We only really hike in the late fall, winter and early spring because I HATE walking into spider webs or worrying about ticks or the other really unfortunate things that can happen when things are actually growing! HA! I truly LOVE being outside – I love the woods, I love hiking and I love watching my kids explore nature but man oh man do I like it better when most of it’s dead or hibernating! Anyway, you will see lots of hiking photos coming through here soon as I start to cull through all the fun outings we’ve had lately. January and February are quickly becoming my favorite months because we are all less busy so we have more time to have adventures together as a family. I was going through photos recently and started to notice that I take SO many more photos in January than some other months and it’s because I’ve usually had a nice break from the camera over the holidays, we’re spending more time together and I actually enjoy photographing my own family again! My life is forming patterns based on my busy seasons!

Anyway, if you live in MO you have to check out Pickle Springs!

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The BEST part of Pickle Springs in the winter are the ice flows! They were AMAZING!