These are some of the cutest mini sessions ever you guys! I might be wishing pretty darn hard for spring right now but I am SO excited to take photos of little kids in swimsuits, rain boots, tutus, cute sun dresses and all things spring! Moms – you could bring in a few tulips for your kids to hold, bring their lovey, an umbrella and anything else that says SPRING to you!

I’m sharing a LOT of photos because my “quick” promo shoot with 4 year old Stella turned out so cute I ended up with WAY more than I needed! But how can I not share all of these? And a few of my own Grayman too of course! Have to say boys are cute too even without the tutu! I hope this gives the Mommas some ideas for your own session!

raindrop mini 2014web


The rain drop backdrop is from Paperwhite Designs and the watering can is from Finch Vintage Rentals!

20140221-FAP_4666b 20140221-FAP_4680b 20140221-FAP_4682b

I love my Bubba so much!

20140221-FAP_4691b 20140224-FAP_4857b 20140224-FAP_4861b

My kids all have special animals that we call “loveys” – Bailey is 8 and leaves Teds in her bed for the most part now, Parker is 7 and is leaving Pink Sheep behind more and more and Grayson is 5 and takes DogDog almost everywhere still. All that to say – the time when kids want their loveys with them is fleeting. It goes by, like their childhood, way too fast so let them bring what’s special to them and let’s capture them together!

20140224-FAP_4877b 20140224-FAP_4902b  20140224-FAP_4964b 20140224-FAP_4979b

20140224-FAP_4941b 20140224-FAP_4993b

She got mad at her mom (I can’t remember why) but I broke her pretty quick! Her mad pout was too cute not to keep though!

20140224-FAP_4999b 20140224-FAP_5004b 20140224-FAP_5013b 20140224-FAP_5051b  20140224-FAP_5088b 20140224-FAP_5108b

I asked her to look up and smile. She held up her finger. Killed me! SO funny! This little girl is not lacking in personality!


email [email protected] to book your session! With spring break and lots of sessions already booked my time slots are pretty limited!