I’m not sure I will ever have the exact words to use to describe what this project has meant to me so I will mostly just let the images speak for themselves but every time a new little girl walked into my studio for these sessions I kept thinking about representation. Representation matters. It REALLY really matters. And now girls everywhere have watched a woman sworn in as VP. Having Kamala Harris as our Vice President is historic and I hope the girls in these photos remember this moment forever!

This painting was painted by Cbabi Bayoc, an incredibly talented artist. I am so grateful to him.

These two beautiful high school seniors are SistaKeepers and I was able to donate $2100 to Tracie Berry-McGhee with SistaKeepers so a HUGE thank you to all who came b/c your help directly goes to programming for these girls.

Deep breath friends. Deep breath. We survived 4 VERY hard years.