Sometimes simple park sessions are the best!


Especially when the subject is so darn cute!


I first met Ryan and his mom at his 9 month session and it was so much fun to see him again for his first birthday!

20150809freshart0010_WEB 20150809freshart0015_WEB

It was a super overcast day and usually I hate that but today it was pretty magical.


Can you see the bugs? I didn’t edit them out b/c that was just so much a part of what was happening – I think I had over 20 mosquito bites after this session!

20150809freshart0040_WEB 20150809freshart0044_WEB

Oh my gosh – the nose squish! And the baby teeth!

20150809freshart0051_WEB 20150809freshart0052_WEB

And of course the cake!

20150809freshart0053_WEB 20150809freshart0057_WEB 20150809freshart0060_WEB

Cake from Catherine’s Cakery.

Furniture from Finch Vintage (the box he ate the cake on is mine and STILL has that cake on it – I need to go clean it still! HA!).