My sister and I worked for weeks to design a session around her girls and who they are RIGHT NOW at ages 3 and 5. She hired Katie Mohr to help with some of the clothing, we worked hard on locations, props came from their home and we brainstormed a shot list! Then when they came in town we made it happen and we had a BLAST!


We started super early in the morning at the golf course because the girls LOVE to play golf like their Daddy! Katie helped chose these adorable outfits! I was obsessed with them! They were perfection!

20130927-DSC_3676b 20130927-DSC_3685b 20130927-DSC_3686b 20130927-DSC_3703b 20130927-DSC_3709b 20130927-DSC_3713b

It was really foggy that morning but I kind of love seeing it in the background!

20130927-DSC_3725b 20130927-DSC_3741b

Those are their golf clubs!

20130927-DSC_3764b 20130927-DSC_3774b 20130927-DSC_3816b 20130927-DSC_3872b

After playing some golf we headed over to the park with ALL of their favorite lovies!

20130927-DSC_3886b 20130927-DSC_3898b 20130927-DSC_3934b 20130927-DSC_3945b

Abbie and I were laughing about how cheesy that shot was but the girls LOVED laying with all of their animals covering them!

20130927-DSC_3950bwb 20130927-DSC_3982b

I love the shots we got of Avery twirling! Love that kid!

20130927-DSC_3985b 20130927-DSC_4002b 20130927-DSC_4006b 20130927-DSC_4040bwb

Samantha loves taking care of her babies and reading books to everyone… I love that we took the simple parts of a little girls childhood and captured it for them… someday these photos will bring back memories for the girls of their favorite things!


The last thing we did was let the girls dress up in their favorite costumes… they are obsessed with super heroes and loved this part of our day!

20130927-DSC_4132b 20130927-DSC_4170b 20130927-DSC_4181b 20130927-DSC_4210b

I mean, I know they are my nieces but this was one of my most favorite photo sessions! Capturing kids with their favorite things is SO much fun!

I have more than a dozen sneak peeks to share so get ready for lots of blogs coming this week!