These are from a few weeks ago during the last massive snow storm we had but since the kids are home again today with 4+ inches on the ground I thought it was a good day to finally share these! Nothing spectacular about these and certainly don’t look at them as perfectly creative work – shooting in negative temps when it’s snowing and kids are running doesn’t bring out the best in me! HA! I HATE COLD! But I’m glad I went out a few times to grab these b/c they are fun memories!

20140104-FAP_7982b 20140104-FAP_7987b 20140104-FAP_7994b

That’s Tim, our neighbor, not Chris… the snow came so fast back then that as soon as you shoveled it was covered again!

20140104-FAP_8002b 20140106-FAP_8155b 20140106-FAP_8157b

Chris has a blast playing hockey with the kids!

20140106-FAP_8160b 20140106-FAP_8161b 20140106-FAP_8166b

Then Chris and the kids got the idea to use our deck steps as a sled run and oh my gosh it was hysterical!

20140106-FAP_8167b 20140106-FAP_8172b

They built a ramp at the bottom so they would go flying up into the air!

20140106-FAP_8175b 20140106-FAP_8178b 20140106-FAP_8182b 20140106-FAP_8188b 20140106-FAP_8207b

Then they decided it was my turn!

20140106-FAP_8213b 20140106-FAP_8219b

Kelly took the photos of me so then I made her go too!

20140106-FAP_8224b 20140106-FAP_8228b 20140106-FAP_8231b 20140106-FAP_8232b

Then we made her go again!

20140106-FAP_8237b 20140106-FAP_8239b

It was hysterical!


And then after seeing me fly off that hump and Kelly have such dramatic landings Chris took a turn! He was SO nervous!

20140106-FAP_8249b 20140106-FAP_8252b

And then he just plopped. No flying off the hump. It wasn’t fast or anything. OMGosh we were all dying it was so funny!

20140106-FAP_8253b 20140106-FAP_8255b 20140106-FAP_8259b


Oh how I love my family and neighbors! Good times!

Happy snow day St. Louis!