I am a warm weather girl. I’d take sweating in the summer over freezing in the winter any day EXCEPT when it comes to snow sessions! I adore them! I am still on hiatus enjoying this really bad cold/flu/thing I have and looking forward to our Disney cruise next week but thought I would get the blog moving a little bit by sharing a recent snow session! I actually got an email from Facebook telling me I hadn’t been on there in a while! HA! I guess social media doesn’t want you to take breaks! Anyway, aside from being sick I am loving time away from the computer. It was MUCH needed for all of us!

SO while I won’t be doing any snow sessions before January 6th when I come back to work I would LOVE to get more families on my waiting list for the rest of the winter in hopes it snows again! Although I am loving the warmer weather we’re having right now! I am a girl of contradictions! HA!

Enjoy these shots of the Kusmer family! They were so much fun and did so well braving the COLD that morning! And to book a snow session you just let me know you’re interested, I put you on my list and then the second it looks like snow we start waiting and planning! You don’t pay the session fee until the day we meet because we can never know if or when it will actually snow.

20131213-FAP_5663b 20131213-FAP_5668b 20131213-FAP_5684b

I love this… watch Dylan run towards me having NO idea her dad was about to pelt her with a snow ball! HA! Luckily she thought it was awesome! (If you look closely you can see the snow ball in the very top of the photo below….)

20131213-FAP_5696b 20131213-FAP_5699b 20131213-FAP_5700b 20131213-FAP_5733b 20131213-FAP_5743b 20131213-FAP_5756b 20131213-FAP_5759b 20131213-FAP_5784b 20131213-FAP_5806b 20131213-FAP_5834b 20131213-FAP_5862b

I hope you guys are all having a great Christmas break too!