When it snowed it literally was pretty for about 5 hours and I managed to squeeze in two whole sessions before the melt really set in! It was quick and cold and beautiful and perfect. Snow covered trees and snow covered streets and snow covered, well, everything. PERFECT for fun family photos!

Email me to get on my snow session waiting list! I’d LOVE to do this again!

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The ONLY thing that could make a snow session even more perfect? Hiring Katie Mohr to help style your family! I mean seriously, can her family get any cuter? They need NO introduction here because I am pretty sure everyone knows them by now but I will say just one more time that she is hands down the best stylist around! She will go shopping with you or come shop your closet… whatever works best for you… and then she comes to the session to help me make sure you look your best! It really makes a big difference!