Some random photos from spring break back in March!


One night C’s team had a game out in Union so Angie and I took all the kids to Shaw Nature Reserve for a fun afternoon before heading down there. I adore their all-natural play area!

20140314-FAP_7720b 20140314-FAP_7725b

The kids had a BLAST on that old tree! Each branch was someone’s house I think for their game!

20140314-FAP_7741b 20140314-FAP_7747b 20140314-FAP_7750b 20140317-FAP_8242b

Then another day Chris and I took the kids down to Washington State Park but on the way we stopped by this covered bridge. The kids were a bit underwhelmed but it made me laugh because as kids my sister and I hated that my dad stopped at ALL historic markers along the highway – now of course I’m doing it to my own kids and loving every second!


These are totally how photos with all three kids go these days! Bailey is always smiling and the other two are a total gamble! Cracks me up and makes me love these photos more than if they were all perfect!


Then we finally got to the park for our hike.

20140317-FAP_8254b 20140317-FAP_8258b 20140317-FAP_8260b

My kids could climb on logs for hours and hours! I love letting them explore our world!

20140317-FAP_8262b 20140317-FAP_8265b

We were looking for the 1,000 Steps Trail but never found it – just means we have to go back again!

20140317-FAP_8267b 20140317-FAP_8270b 20140317-FAP_8277b 20140317-FAP_8281b

Once we realized we had somehow missed the trail we let the kids play on the playground before walking back on the road (which was easier and less snowy/muddy). Really, it was a total bust of a hike but we still had a great time!

20140317-FAP_8294b 20140317-FAP_8302b

No matter where we are or what we’re doing Gray is fighting bad guys!

20140317-FAP_8308b 20140317-FAP_8313b 20140317-FAP_8323b

Someday I’m going to make an album just of Parker and her many faces! Love that crazy kid!


Here’s another day at Castlewood.


The kid’s favorite thing to do on hikes is play follow-the-leader with Chris!

20140319-FAP_8520b 20140319-FAP_8526b 20140319-FAP_8528b

Snack break!

20140319-FAP_8531b 20140320-FAP_8542b 20140320-FAP_8547b 20140320-FAP_8552b

There was an old pipe down by the water – kids had a blast playing in it!

20140320-FAP_8555b 20140320-FAP_8558b 20140320-FAP_8563b 20140320-FAP_8565b 20140320-FAP_8573b 20140320-FAP_8585b

We are a busy family like everyone else out there but we work really hard to carve time out to get out in nature. It can be time together in our yard, at a local park or day trips like these to go hiking. We do most of our hiking from late fall – early spring because I hate bugs, ticks, walking through spider webs on trails and poison ivy! In the warm months we would rather spend time in rivers, the pool or at the Allen lake house so we’re still outside but in water which helps when the temps hit 90+!

We had a great spring break and I’m glad I finally made time to get some photos done!