We stay home for spring break because Chris travels each year with his soccer team to South Carolina (I’m not bitter at all, I swear) and so every year I try to do special day trips with the kids. Staying busy and keeping them moving makes for fun days and a fast week! This year we got to do two fun days of hiking before Daddy left, then I took the kids to Peoria for my niece’s birthday (just got home tonight), tomorrow we have a fun hiking day planned with friends and if we survive the weekend Chris gets home Sunday! I’m slow on emails, blogging and everything else this week while I do my best to just enjoy my three kids!


Have you guys seen that Timothy Green movie? My kids thought it was awesome and the girls climbed to the top of this “mountain” at Pickle Springs and did “the Timothy”! HA! In the movie he stretches his arms out wide to soak up the sun (he’s a plant or something). Totally cracked us up! Bailey said she would eat a small snack but that the sun had given her most of the energy she needed to finish the hike! HA!

More (mostly bad) spring break snap shots coming soon along with a slew of sneak peeks (I’m super behind)!

Right now I’m headed to bed early so I’m prepared for our fun day tomorrow! Kimswick and Mammoth State Park with friends! My in-laws are taking the kids tomorrow night and while I SHOULD park my tush at the computer (since I’ve been gone all week) I am instead going to finish SOA and work on my Project Life album! A night alone at home hasn’t happened for me, well, ever maybe and I am going to enjoy every second of it!

Happy springĀ  break friends!