Back in early winter I had an idea for spring mini sessions that I had never seen before – which in the world of Pinterest is pretty shocking! Of course I called my dear friend Mary from Finch Vintage Rentals to share my idea and ask for help executing it! She’s always my go to and luckily this time she LOVED my vision! Over time my original idea was changed a bit – although eventually you will see it again at a one year session – and I love the final result so so much!

The families that came were amazing and all the kids did such a great job! Mini sessions aren’t good for every kid – there is a very specific spot I need them to sit/stand to be in the right light and that can be hard for kids that would rather run around or be free. It’s also not great for kids with stranger anxiety since mom/dad need to be back by me to help get the big smiles or so their child at least isn’t always looking to where they are. Most kids are totally fine but you definitely have to know your kid going into a studio setting. Lucky for me – everyone was amazing and we ran into NO problems at all! YAY!

Because these are minis I am lumping all the sneak peeks together! ENJOY!

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