We’re so excited to share with you the article from St. Louis Kids about The Fresh Reflection!

Go HERE to read it!

A big thanks to Nicole for writing the article and including our little project! We are so honored and so passionate about The Fresh Reflection that it’s amazing for it to be getting some recognition already!

And if you haven’t hopped over there lately to leave those ladies some comments PLEASE DO! THANKS!


I am sick. I hate colds. Kim is busy. I mean duh, she has seven kids! We’re working feverishly to get this new software up and running for our business so it’s consuming us right now. And my sister is in town so we’ve been having lots of family time. I am about 50 emails behind and I appreciate everyone who is being patient! We booked 6 sessions yesterday for March! SPRING IS COMING! Our March dates are limited because of spring break so please email soon if you want on the calendar. I have so much to say I think I might do a stream of consciousness post soon! Are you up for that? HA!