This family was so much fun to work with! I mean look at this absolutely gorgeous baby girl!


And her awesome family!


It’s really not fair how amazing Mom looked after just having a baby!

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Kim and I LOVE chubby babies and her cheeks had us swooning! Oh and that little double chin couldn’t be cuter!

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Isn’t she perfection?


Not quite a grin but that little smirk is so so cute!


These guys are friends and clients of the awesome Kristie Cromie from L Photographie…. but Kristie just had her own baby girl and while she’s on maternity leave she’s been giving her clients our name. I’m mentioning this because in the wedding industry photographers are great friends. They HAVE to be friends because they need second shooters and once a date is booked for them they need to recommend other photographers to those potential clients… so the better friends they are the more referrals they’ll get. Not that their friendships are fake I just mean they need each other. Portrait photographers don’t have 52 Saturdays to book weddings – we have 365 days to book families and newborn and seniors and commercial work. So we tend to hold onto our clients really tight. It’s rare, maybe it’s never even happened, that I turned down a client because the date they wanted was booked. I feel like I can always finagle my schedule to make it work or they change theirs to make it work for them. All that to say I think portrait photographers can be harder to be friends with because of the competition. I’ve heard nightmare stories from other photographers about super catty things happening in their towns amongst portrait photographers. But I am so lucky. I have some really great photographers here that have become really good friends. We share ideas, are honest about our businesses, share our struggles, celebrate our successes and everything in between. They are business owners and talented artists and moms. They juggle work and family and struggle with the balance as much as I do. They are good good women whom I am truly blessed to have in my life. And I was honored that Kristie chose me to trust her treasured clients with. Thank you friend.