Last Friday night Bailey and the Edgar Road Music Makers sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame at the seventh inning stretch! It was so much fun! My sister’s family came in from Peoria to be a part of it all, my parents, C’s parents and his Aunt were all there for her! It was amazing to see so many family members help us take a small moment in her life and make it a celebration! We have the best family! AND so many friends were there! It was just a great night all around!


The cousins!

ALSO – please ignore the quality of these! Snapping in a long line means I let people be out of focus and stopped caring! I also stopped caring about the color – so much RED made color correcting hard and finally I just gave up! HA! Personal photos don’t get to take me a long time to edit!


My mom and dad!


Oma and Opa! (Our neighbor’s parents)

20160506-FAP_4799_WEB 20160506-FAP_4802_WEB

Gray and his friend Edward!


Gray was SO excited to find his teacher and her adorable daughter!


Our awesome crossing guard at the kid’s school – it was like a celebrity sighting! HA!


The Allen clan!


Avery LOVED the bicep-cam! HA!


C and his dad talking soccer – always – even at a baseball game.

20160506-FAP_4860_WEB 20160506-FAP_4865_WEB

As we were leaving Parker finally found some buddies!


Lots of lasts for Bailey as she finishes up grade school! Trying to enjoy every moment with her!