This summer I have been so incredibly blessed! My amazing assistant (and friend!), Amy, decided that this was the summer to fly me down to their favorite vacation spot so that I could capture their family where they spend a good portion of every summer! Four days in Florida? Yes please! And a week from today another friend is flying me somewhere exotic (have to keep it a secret for now!) for four days! Too good to be true!

Anyway, this was earlier in June and I am finally getting around to sharing… beware… it’s a LOT of images for one sneak peek!



When we lived in Spokane I flew quite a bit back and forth but it’s been almost 7 years since I’d flown and I was SUPER excited about it! There is something about flying that is just really magical to me! That shot was out my plane window!




Dale’s parents will be building a new house soon so it was important to get a shot of the kids doing what they love in front of Grandma’s house!


One place they took me was to the marina and it was my first view of the ocean in four years!


SO great!

20130611-DSC_8726b 20130611-DSC_8730b 20130611-DSC_8743b

Carsyn and Luke love to fish with their dad so that was top of the list of things to capture! First stop? Buying the live bait!


I was enamored with the birds that hung around the bait shop!


Do you see the shrimp in his mouth?

20130611-DSC_8768b 20130611-DSC_8779b

Just to prove to myself I was there!

20130611-DSC_8780b 20130611-DSC_8797b

Reagan on the other hand is not into fishing so her and Amy read (or just don’t go!).

20130611-DSC_8802b 20130611-DSC_8804b 20130611-DSC_8827b 20130611-DSC_8887b

We took their golf cart up to their favorite ice cream shop!

20130611-DSC_8890b 20130611-DSC_8895b 20130611-DSC_8903b

Only Dale and Amy will get this photo! 🙂


We of course had to do some more traditional shots on the beach at sunset!

20130611-DSC_8994b 20130611-DSC_9053b 20130611-DSC_9058b 20130611-DSC_9081b 20130611-DSC_9099b 20130611-DSC_9137b 20130611-DSC_9156b 20130611-DSC_9164b


20130611-DSC_9197b 20130611-DSC_9245b 20130611-DSC_9250b 20130611-DSC_9276b 20130611-DSC_9308b

One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Shark Tooth Beach! I found EIGHT shark teeth and was SO excited!

20130612-DSC_9358b 20130612-DSC_9364b 20130612-DSC_9381b

They spend most of their time in the pool… which was gorgeous!

20130612-DSC_9431b 20130612-DSC_9548b

On the last night we did a few more family photos and God gave us the most incredible rainbow!

20130612-DSC_9594b 20130612-DSC_9711b

So beautiful!

Thanks for flying me down Beachy family!

And OBVIOUSLY if anyone else wants to have me come on their vacation for a few days I am totally on board! HA!