Yesterday Kim and I got to spend the day with an awesome family while they awaited the birth of Levi. And by waited, I mean, they waited and watched Megan labor for over 30 hours! And after all that time when she was still only dilated to a 5 they decided to do a c-section. For Megan’s sake we hated it had to end like that because she would have loved to deliver vaginally, but in the end they had a healthy baby boy and all was well with the world!

We will get more images and their video up soon, but since we got home after 1am, this was all we could muster for right now! Actually, since Kim was the one in the operating room with them she was the one who got the images done early this morning! Kudos to Kim for working so fast today! Great job friend!

Finniest photo ever! He obviously wasn’t happy with Kim and her camera! HA! When she showed us this on the back of her camera last night we all totally cracked up!

Great work my friend! More soon!