I am LOVING the lifestyle sessions I’ve been shooting lately! Actually, I was at a workshop this weekend and one of the main topics was about narrowing your field to help yourself stand out from your competition. And while I do agree, in theory, I just don’t think it’s how I can run my own business. I’m blogging a sweet little lifestyle session tonight and this morning Kim and I had one of our Baby Planners for his sixth month studio session. You can’t get much different than shooting a baby in their home playing, cuddling, being bathed and going for a walk with mom and dad to taking super cute photos, of JUST baby, in our studio. And yet I adore both kinds of photography!

This weekend’s workshop was not exactly what I was expecting and besides meeting new+awesome people the best thing that I came away from it with was that I have to run Fresh Art in a way that makes ME happy. If I’m going to be sitting at my computer or going on sessions every single day I have to be doing what I love. And for me, I love the randomness of my job. I love that this week I get to photograph a sweet baby boy in the studio, a family outside and a soon-to-be graduating senior! I think I would go insane if I ONLY shot families or newborns or seniors. But put them all in a week, give me different locations, different lighting situations, different times of day, etc and I’m one happy camper!

So anyway! On to a few shots from the Buck’s mini session! I have SO many more I could share but since it was a mini session if I share too many I’d give away too much! I need to keep some happy surprises for Kelly and Shaun! 🙂

Brooklyn is one lucky little lady! Her mom and dad are truly smitten! And seriously, she is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen! It was so neat to see them all in their own home, comfortable and laughing together. What I love the most about lifestyle photography is that my clients invite me into their homes and allow me to see them in such a natural way. There’s such little posing (except that one at the end!) and them just being together doing what they love to do. If I was a super nice photographer I would show them the one of Kelly walking Brooklyn into the kitchen where Shaun had been getting her bath ready because the smile on Brooklyn AND Kelly’s faces are priceless! Man I’m SO mean! HA!

Thanks for inviting me out you guys! I can’t wait for you to see the rest of your photos! Soon friends! Soon!

Happy Monday blogworld!