Hello friends!

WOW has fall hit me like a ton of bricks this year! Three kids in grade school means their activities kind of rule my afternoons, evenings and weekends. Add in 5+ shoots a week and all that comes with that many sessions plus Chris gone coaching all the time and HOLY SLEEP DEPRIVED ME! Today I felt like I was in a fog all day – not unlike those newborn days when you don’t know up from down you’re so exhausted. But because I had a shoot, a Chamber lunch, carpool, a playdate, dinner and soccer I will have another late night tonight which leads straight into three sessions tomorrow! Three! In one day! All I can say is that I am LOVING LIFE! I know it sounds like I’m complaining – and I am – but I love being busy and full. Life is FULL. Full of joys and pain and hard decisions and big choices and busy kids and great clients and just LIFE. It’s a good life and I’m grateful for it everyday!

But can someone bring me a Dr. Pepper (fountain with crushed ice and a skinny straw) about 9pm tonight? HA!

Check out this super cute family I got to capture last weekend! I went to high school with Mom and I am pretty much in love with her girls. I’ve had some super sweet little girl clients lately that want to hold my hand to cross the street and give out hugs unabashedly! LOVE THEM! They make me smile from ear to ear and get in the car after a session just beaming!

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Thanks for letting me capture your family this year!