I’m making some changes to the blog to help protect my client’s privacy… basically no names. Or no last names at least. You can’t find something on google for a first name or just a letter so while I have always felt this makes it less personal… I’m now making this change for that very reason. To make my little space on the internet less personal for my clients. I hope this makes sense and if you have any questions please shoot me an email.

NOW… this is one of the sweetest families I know and it is always wonderful to work with them! Their girls are incredibly smart, kind and funny! And so sweet to one another! Last year they had on cute fall clothes, then we did the girl’s famous ballerina session, then we just did a mini session to capture the girls as they are right now (one of my favorites!) so it was super cool to see them show up in formal wear! I rarely have clients wear formal clothing, in fact, I don’t think I would ever suggest it but OH MY GOSH they all look so amazing I might just add it to my suggestions now! They were GORGEOUS!


I mean seriously. Look at those beautiful girls!

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SO many sessions to blog and so little time! I’m shooting once and sometimes twice a day right now so bear with me… I’m doing my best to keep up!