When I announced the Back-to-School mini sessions that we had last week I got an email from Emily saying that she really wanted to do them but they couldn’t make that day… so we changed things up a bit and did a Gardener version of the mini sessions! Emily was amazing and brought things her girls really love and are passionate about. I loved that SO so so much.


Yes. Margaret is FOUR and already playing the violin incredibly well! It is the TINIEST violin I’ve ever seen too!


And six year old Catherine plays the cello. Again, it was so tiny! Truly amazing!


Big sis, Abigail, at age 8 is another violinist!


I see a lot of concerts in their future!


Of course they brought their favorite animals!


Catherine really loves doing everyone’s hair but of course with three girls in the house they all love to play with Mom’s hair!

20130813-DSC_9709b 20130813-DSC_9719b

I see their weddings in these… helping each other put dresses on, fixing make-up and adjusting jewelry. The little things only sister’s can do for one another.

20130813-DSC_9744b 20130813-DSC_9757bwb

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo… who gets to read for me first? SO sweet!


Guess who won!

20130813-DSC_9776bwb 20130813-DSC_9792b 20130813-DSC_9799b 20130813-DSC_9804b 20130813-DSC_9842b

Little four year old Margaret isn’t pretending here… she’s actually reading this chapter book out loud to us! This kid amazed me all morning!

20130813-DSC_9851bwb 20130813-DSC_9862b 20130813-DSC_9883bwb

Oh man you guys! I ADORED this session!

Dear clients… please do one of these for your kiddos! These personal touches are going to bring back actual memories for Emily and Erin one day… I just love that.

Thanks for changing things up Emily! Every year I love your family even more!