I had three sessions this weekend and they couldn’t have been more different! One was casual at a beautiful park, one was totally styled with a vintage feel at the St. Louis Art Museum and the last one was also completely styled (this time by Katie Mohr!) in a monochromatic modern way! Seriously, three sessions in one weekend and all three totally different!

And yet, they were all the same. Three awesome families totally in love! When you decide to invest your hard earned money in a photo sessions it’s because you want to celebrate the love you have for your family… and that always comes across in the images! Happy families make for happy photos!


Lauren and Hana were SO sweet together!


Sister secrets!


And looking up at her big sister! Can you see how much she adores her?


And baby Sam was a total doll baby! Of course I do have a soft spot for those third baby boys!

20130921-DSC_2438b 20130921-DSC_2490b

Sometimes it’s the moments that are happening behind you that are the most special! This was just happening and I’m SO glad I caught it! The life of a mom!


Oh those spunky middle kiddos!


And of course as soon as you catch one another one gets away! I love how this shows, so perfectly, that parents of three kids are always playing zone defense! HA! Just not enough arms but always enough love!

20130921-DSC_2559b 20130921-DSC_2575b

I love his squished up nose!

20130921-DSC_2599b 20130921-DSC_2628bwb

This series just kills me… SO sweet!

20130921-DSC_2631bwb 20130921-DSC_2638bwb

And I love this special kiss Lauren has with her Mommy!

20130921-DSC_2645b 20130921-DSC_2670b

Inazu’s… you were such a JOY to capture! Thanks for coming out and keeping the kids up late for me!