For seventy two years my dad’s family has gotten together in Highland, IL for their annual family reunion. What’s unique about this is that we don’t know 3/4 of the people there but we’re related to them! Phillip Kuhn was the original family member to come over to the states from Germany and he had 4 (?) children…. it’s those ancestors that we link back to but all four (5? I can’t remember) of those family lines are represented each year. It’s really a neat thing and I’ve never known another family to go back so far for a family reunion!

One of Phillip’s son’s was Henry who is my Great Great Grandpa. Henry had several kids but his son Raymond is my Great Grandpa. Raymond had my Grandpa, John, my Aunt Betty, Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane (my Grandpa and Aunt Jane are deceased). Then came my dad and then me! Whew! I totally wrote that for the kids to read someday!

We get together for a fried chicken lunch and play bingo. When we were kids and it was bigger (it seems that with each generation it gets smaller as kids move away and the older generations pass away) there was a softball tournament, the park pool used to be open and it was more of an all-day affair. I kind of like that we can leave church, get there for a late lunch, play bingo, visit with cousins and then be home before dinner time. It’s nice. And simple. And the kids really love it!


My mom, my dad’s first cousin Cindy (Uncle Bob’s daughter) and my dad’s Aunt Betty (also Cindy’s Aunt, not her mom). Aunt Betty was my Grandpa’s sister so she is a Kuhn… so is Cindy… my mom married in! 🙂


Best part of the afternoon is BINGO! The kids LOVE the white elephant table!


Aunt Betty and Edyth Kuhn (Edythe married Eddie Kuhn, my Grandpa and Betty’s first cousin… Eddie is now deceased.).


Each year a different leg of the family has to be in charge. This year my dad was president but since he is in Africa on a mission trip my mom took over with Cindy and Aunt Betty’s help! Her biggest job was calling Bingo which the kids thought was super cool!


It’s three hours with a bunch of family we barely know (we are closest to my Grandpa’s siblings and their kids, my dad’s cousins… since we all trace back to Henry) but it’s neat to go and be a part of it. I didn’t go for years but I’m glad we are back to going so the kids can get to know this side of their family!