I think one of my favorite things to capture these days are extended families. I love the interaction between big groups of people. I love grandparents. I love all the chaos and joy and complexities. I really do love it all! When I shoot extended families I always try to do the same line up…. everyone together (in multiple poses if we can), each family individually, grandparents by themselves, grandparents with ALL the grandkids and then here is my favorite… each grandparent with each grandkid individually. Whenever I take the time to shoot and edit all of those photos I do it because in 30 years I want that kid to have a photo of just them and their grandma. Or just them and their grandpa. I think that’s so special and SO important. I also try to do mom and/or dad with each child at family sessions for the same reason. Kids end up having so many photos of them with their siblings, which is great, but it’s those individual photos with the adults in their lives that I imagine will mean the most when they are grown.

My fall books up fast but this is a great time to get everyone together for photos. My sessions come with the digital files so you all can get your Christmas card photos done while also getting everyone together! Email me at [email protected] to get on my calendar!