I’m blessed to know lots of amazing women who I can laugh with or chat with or grab lunch with. And then I have my small group of best friends. They are a small group that I hold onto very tightly because it is not lost on me that I an damn lucky to have them. They all bring something different to my life and they are all the most amazing women I’ve ever met.

I am so lucky to live in community with my best friends. Our kids go to school together, we live in the same neighborhood, we go to the same church or we sit on the sidelines together, we email/talk/text about all the big and small things that go on in our lives and we’re there for each other. This week alone I’ve shared two meals with Kelly and her kids, shared carpool duties with several friends, celebrated birthdays, worked on making 36 centerpieces together and the list goes on. We all work, our husbands work and our lives are busy but we manage to find time for one another.  So much of the time our lives are so intertwined it feels busy and messy and complicated, but really, at the end of the day, it’s just good and comfortable and more often than not, it’s a lifesaver! Oh I am so blessed to know these women!

And at the center of this small group is Angie. She’s my oldest “mom” friend and she’s my person. If you watch Grey’s you know what that means! HA!

These are her girls. There’s not much I can do to show her how much I love her so I do my best to capture her girls (I try my best to capture all of my friends and their kids for free each year as a way to give back for all they do for me!). I love walking into their house because I can see how far I’ve come in my photography journey since she has photos of mine on her walls from 5+ years ago.  It’s a bit painful to see the old ones but nice to know I can keep adding to the collection!

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Kelsey is obsessed with Wonder Woman so we stuck this cape on her and she LOVED it… I think we need to do an entire WW session for her!

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AH I love those kids. Love them.