It is always an honor when another talented photographer chooses you to capture their family! Especially when your styles are pretty different! I love Sara’s work and I love watching, via Facebook, how she captures children and families. Knowing she had four boys, three of which are pretty little, I went in just hoping they all had fun at their session! I knew she could capture her boys in her studio so I wanted to capture the joy SHE has with her family… the one thing she can’t do herself!

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SO many sessions left to blog and so many still to shoot! My cold is getting better and my energy is almost back so I am ready to tackle this week! I LOVE Halloween but I’m really glad for it to be over. Class parties and costumes and so many commitments… it doesn’t surprise me that I got sick on Halloween! I love this time between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Soccer is ending, the kid’s schedule totally clear up, C is home early for a change, we get to have dinner together and my schedule starts to slow down. It’s this little break before the chaos of Christmas hits and it’s my favorite time of the year I think!