Kim and I were out on a Love Light last night and were laughing when we realized who the winner is… because it is really no surprise!


Gretchen has won more months than any other client I think! You should see the collection of FREE stuff her mom Maggie gets to use this week while ordering! Merry Christmas! HA!

So last night we froze our tushes off on a Love Light with the temp at 31 degrees… but had SO much fun! It’s always a good session when we leave and our cheeks hurt from laughing! They will get their official sneak peek next week but for now here’s a taste…

They came in from Denver to visit family and we’re SO glad we could squeeze them in this weekend! Thanks for the best time last night Cara and Herb! More to come!

TODAY: Kim and I are headed to Sharon Johnston’s BABY SHOWER! YAHOO! I’ve been looking forward to this day for MONTHS! Then we have a maternity mini session with a super sweet couple and tonight the Allen clan is headed out to pick a Christmas tree! BUSY day but filled with such goodness! Tomorrow we have the Johnston maternity session and a senior session with a gorgeous Webster cheerleader! My camera might not leave my hand all weekend!