Facebook is overrun with back-to-school photos of kids right now so I find myself over on Twitter more! HA! Kidding – I do love all the kids in bright new shoes and gigantic backpacks all standing with signs letting us know what grade they’re in or listing all their current favs. But I saw a friend post this last night, “When we were kids did our mom’s friends care that we were going back to school?” and I think she hit the nail on the head. Starting back to school is all encompassing for parents. It’s equal parts total relief to have a schedule again with someone else acting as cruise director for your kids during those long daytime hours and total dread at the thought of packing lunches, after school activities starting and ALL THE PAPERS that come home needing to be looked at, signed and sent back before getting lost in the piles around the house. It’s hard. And awesome. And while I love my friend’s kids I really don’t care what they wore on the first day of school, do you? Do you ever wonder how our kids feel when someone they barely know sees them at the grocery store and congratulates them on making the team or getting an A or whatever else we’ve bragged about on social media? As I spend SO much of my time on social media these days for work it’s making me want to quit all together personally.

WOW – that took a turn didn’t it? HA! It’s after 10pm and I really just want to lie on the couch to watch my boyfriend, Jeff Lewis, so my crankiness might be a bit high tonight. Sorry about that.

So now – enjoy looking at MY KIDS on their first day! HAHAHAHAHA!

There is seriously something wrong with me!



Gray is in first grade this year, Parker’s in third and Bailey is in fifth. I can’t believe this is her last year in grade school! I seriously don’t feel old enough to have kids this old! SO many of my friends are still having babies!

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Whether you are an over-sharer like ME on social media or not – I really do hope your kids had great first days back at school and that YOU enjoyed some peace and quiet!