We met these guys when Tinley was just a few days old and now she’s a walking talking toddler! And cute as a button too of course!


Her little teeth are the cutest ever aren’t they? Love that grin!


I have a few tricks to get toddlers who don’t want to be held and want to run free to smile and luckily the first trick we tried worked like a charm!


Mommy kisses are the best!


Ok, I’ll give away this trick…. for kiddos that don’t want to hold hands (aka newly walking toddlers who want to do everything themselves!) have mom/dad lift them into the air and as soon as the baby is back on the ground take the shot! They’re usually laughing/smiling and it looks like they’re just standing there not that their feet just hit the ground!


I love having photos of little ones looking at me of course but I REALLY love it when they’re obviously laughing at their parents! It just shows that innocent mom-and-dad-hung-the-moon love babies have for their parents!

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Such a peanut! Thanks Shane and Jess for coming out… I can’t wait to see which shots you choose for your Christmas cards this year!

Lots more sneak peeks coming soon!