Hello Sunday! We have had a busy day of multiple church services (too many commitments this morning!), Bailey’s Webster Groves United soccer game (they won and she scored!) and next is a family session for me and grass mowing for C while the kids play outside in this GORGEOUS weather today! I love a day like this!

Last week Bridie and Brandon had a quick Weekday Mini and it went great even though Ella did NOT want to get down under any circumstances! HA! I know when kids go through certain, um, not-so-fun stages it can be SO hard for Mom and Dad but it just makes me smile. Because for the first time in so many years I’m on the backside of most of these little phases! And parents of young kiddos… IT JUST GETS EASIER! So Ella is going through the “don’t-put-me-down” phase and we just rolled with it! This is a tiny sneak peek because these sessions only yield 5+ images… and I’m saving their possible Christmas card images for them to reveal! I just loved these three though!

Today starts my NINE session week! Thank goodness SO many of my shows are premiering this week so I have good stuff to stay up late working to! AND let’s pray the rain they’re predicting holds off! It’s going to be a good+busy week and I can’t wait!