When my mother-in-law is really really happy she smiles with her whole body and says quietly, “just pinch me.”


I’m starting to wake up each day and think the same thing. Just pinch me. Between my sweet family and my amazing job I just can’t believe it sometimes you know?


I’m sure I’m on an end-of-summer-start-of-school-amazing-August-weather kind of high so ignore me when I constantly complain about life in two months during my busy season!


But just look at this amazing family. Or ALL of the incredible families I get to meet each week and photograph. I get to capture images that will hang on their walls until their Grandkids laugh and tell them they are SO old fashioned! Or give them images that will be in albums and scrapbooks that get handed down for generations. And for me, as someone who loves chatting with just about anyone, who loves being out in the world getting to be creative but also really loves and NEEDS the alone time locked behind a computer… it’s just the perfect job.


And families like this just don’t make it feel like work at all!

Lisa, your family was such a joy to meet and hang out with! I adore your kiddos and hope to see you again soon!

Happy Thursday you guys!