our studio

For the last year we have been working out of what we call our “temporary studio” and are now starting to wonder just how temporary it is. So we felt it was high time we shared it with you.

First though, let me tell you WHY we’re in a temporary studio. Our studio used to me in our home in Glendale, but then back in October of 2010 we moved and thus lost our studio space. At the time we didn’t want to jump into anything, my awesome in-laws had a big empty basement and so with their blessing we moved down there. Could we have made the big jump and bought or rented space? Sure! But to pay for that we would have had to be working+shooting full time and we are moms first.

In case you didn’t know, I have three young kids and Kim has SEVEN! Mine are ages 3, 4 and 6 while Kim’s range from 4 – 16. We are busy moms and want our kids to come first, always. With little ones still at home, shooting full time just isn’t an option for us. So we schedule when we can and know that in the fall of 2013 when the last little one goes off to full-day school (my son, Grayson) we can start working more during the week. Until that day though, we are moms before photographers.

And so we’ve stayed put b/c the space works. Is our studio pretty? Nope. Does it have a super expensive floor that’s great to shoot on? Nope. Plain old hard concrete. Is it beautifully decorated with samples hanging on the walls? Nope. There isn’t even drywall right now! But do you need drywall to take good photos? Nope.

While we are working on other options right now and could be in a more permanent (and attractive) studio soon, we also might still be here in a year. And that’s alright with us! We’ve invested in new electric down there to make it safe to run all of our gear without interfering with the Allen’s home and if we stay put for much longer drywall might be in the more immediate budget… but otherwise we are enjoying the extra time we have with our kids, saving our pennies for our “someday” space and working as hard as we can to prove that a gorgeous space isn’t necessary for gorgeous images.

Please cruise through these shots of our current/temporary studio space and please let us know if you have any questions!

Oh, and thanks to all of our AWESOME clients who don’t look twice at our insulation walls and concrete floor! We literally have THE BEST clients because NO ONE has said one negative word about where we work! You all have no idea how much that has meant to us!