This year our church was blessed with one of the best associate priests I’ve ever known. Sarah’s sermons made my brain stop thinking about my to do list and worked on changing my heart. They are amazing and so incredibly refreshing. Tom Ricks at Greentree Church in Kirkwood has always been the ruler for how I measure sermons and no one has ever quite measured up… until I met Sarah!  Our other priests give great sermons but somehow Sarah speaks directly into my heart and yanks on things I’m struggling with or that just completely apply to my life right then! She’s wonderful and when I heard that her and her husband took new jobs in another state after such a short time with us at Emmanuel I was heart broken.  I am thrilled for them as they begin this new adventure but oh how I will miss this family we were just starting to get to know! And don’t get me started on how much I love their son Ira! As a going away gift we did a quick little family shoot one night as a massive storm was threatening. We talked about rescheduling but with a busy summer ahead of us we instead opted to throw on rain boots and make it work! The rain held off for most of the session and when the brief shower happened Ira was happy to play with the umbrella!

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Thanks Sweeney’s! We love you guys!