This LUCKY family is heading to New York next week for Thanksgiving! It is my DREAM to go to NY over Thanksgiving and to the Macy’s Parade! Oh man I am SO jealous!

Just had to tell you all that.

Even though it really has nothing to do with their photos! HA!

So the Tallo family was so great to hang out with! Their kids were awesome and CEMENTED the awesomeness when they dug through a dumpster for treasures! Totally kids after my own heart since I’ve known to dive into a few dumpsters in my day! HA! I LOVE trash to treasure! In their defense, so you don’t think they are desperate for toys or something, there was a MASSIVE dumpster by where we were shooting and when we made them get up on a platform, putting them eye-level with the goodies, they found a box full of unopened Mardi Gras beads! So fun!

Anyway, we had a great time with this family! Thanks Tallo’s and have an AMAZING time in New York!