A couple of weeks ago Bailey got her first loose tooth which was a BIG deal in this house! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this kid has been praying since the first kid lost a tooth last year in Kindergarten that she would lose a tooth and QUICK! She didn’t talk about it all the time or anything but sometimes she would add it to our morning prayers and other times she would casually mention that she’d prayed about it again which make me realize just how much she was thinking about it!

I was a SLOW developer and I remember praying for my period so I totally get it! HA! If she only knew she had so much more to wait for as she gets older! Especially if she’s anything like me!

Anyway, so this morning she was wiggling and wiggling and it was SO loose! Then it started bleeding a little so I knew it was close. The front part of the root was still pretty attached so I told her to keep pushing it back to see if she could get it out. She was standing in front of the mirror working so hard when she looked at me and asked if I would just YANK it out! SO I grabbed a tissue, grabbed that tooth, twisted and pulled! It popped right out and she didn’t even wince! After a quick rinse with some cool water I kind of panicked because the hole was SO big! I was so worried I’d pulled it too early so I grabbed my neighbor, Kelly, to come look at it (Bailey was excited to show her girls anyway!) and she said it was ok!

The funniest part is how emotional I was over that little tooth! When your identity was wrapped up in having three under three for so long I think it’s hard to accept that you have big kids now. Or at least it is for me. Those days were SO long and now I feel like I blinked and the years are gone! How in the world does that happen?

SO here is Bails and her first missing tooth!

She asked me to take her to school (she usually rides with Kelly and her girls) because she wanted me to be there when she told her teacher! Oh how that made my mommy heart happy! So we went in, her awesome teacher made a big deal out of it which was perfect, she got to put her tooth in the tooth necklace and I took a quit photo of her in front of the lost tooth wall! This was just about the best day in her life!

This is a HORRIBLE photo b/c it was late and dark when I shot it but here is the little pocket we bought for teeth and this is the note she wrote the tooth fairy…

“Dear tooth fairy, this is a very special tooth. it is my first tooth to lose and I am very excited and I hope you like my tooth.”

Is that not the cutest thing in the entire world? Man I love that kid!

I’ll let you know tomorrow what the tooth fairy surprised her with!