Oh man. I’ve gotten to capture this little girl a few times now and each time I have more fun! She is one busy ball of energy but SO funny that she makes chasing her around with my camera so much fun! And her parents are pretty darn awesome too! I just adore Jen and have so much fun chatting at our sessions. If I had more time (and money) I would love to have lunch with each of my clients because I truly know we’d be great friends! Actually, I’d be happy to just go sit on Jen’s balcony and have coffee… they have this insane view of the Arch from their AMAZING condo! I was just a tad obsessed! Love this family.

20131018-DSC_8462bwb 20131018-DSC_8508b 20131018-DSC_8537b

Look at her twirling and watching her shadow! I LOVE her hair glowing as it spins in this one too!

20131018-DSC_8538bwb 20131018-DSC_8574bwb

Jen, you’re gorgeous. Period.

20131018-DSC_8599b 20131018-DSC_8610b

Tis the season for sneak peeks!