For Mother’s Day all I wanted was a day off. We went to church and then hit the road for a 2 hour road trip to Amidon Conservation Area to play in the water (they played while I relaxed and watched from the rocks!). The water was freezing but the kids had a BLAST and were thrilled to be swimming again!

There was this one spot the kids wanted to try to get through so Chris helped get them over there but then realized it was too dangerous so he got the girls on a rock and got in the water to help them across.

In this first shot he’s realizing quickly just how cold it is and the girls are laughing at him!


Then he’s still being silly and suddenly the girls start slipping.


He finally realizes they’re slipping (they are freaked out b/c in that crevice it goes under a rock so they could easily get sucked down and stuck)…

20150510-FAP_2315b 20150510-FAP_2317b

He tries to stop them but they are falling and he can’t grab both girls!


So he looks at me (mouths some choice words at me – as if I could jump over there and do anything!) totally pissed…


Finally he gets Bailey up on the rock but she keeps slipping down and has nothing to grab hold of while he’s struggling to get Parker up there too.


You guys I was laughing SO hard it’s a miracle these are in focus! I did finally put the camera down b/c I was laughing so much – especially once he got the girls out and then he tried to pull himself up on that slippery rock only to understand why they were flailing around like flopping fish! HA! I was DYING! He flopped around for a few minutes until he got up and out! OMG it was so awesome. The big rock in front that I’m shooting over is in the middle of the river and Gray was there waiting for his turn – as all of this is going down he says to me, “I guess I should stay put?” HA!

Anyway, we have other photos from the day but these were too good not to share!