We love it when my sister comes in town and brings her girls! We didn’t have cousins close in age to us growing up and I love that my kids are such good friends with Sam and Avery! Skip this post if you don’t want to see too many photos of our kids but I have to keep some family stuff on here every now and then!


We spent a great morning at the Lego exhibit at the MO Botanical Gardens… the kids liked the scavenger hunt the best!

20140627-FAP_5327b 20140627-FAP_5337b 20140627-FAP_5339b 20140627-FAP_5345b 20140627-FAP_5349b 20140627-FAP_5352b 20140627-FAP_5354b 20140627-FAP_5358b 20140627-FAP_5360b 20140627-FAP_5362b 20140627-FAP_5365b 20140627-FAP_5371b 20140627-FAP_5374b

I’m not really a flower/nature/landscape photographer and I always swear that photos like this won’t ever mean anything years down the line but it was all just so pretty I couldn’t help it!

20140627-FAP_5376b 20140627-FAP_5381b 20140627-FAP_5385b 20140627-FAP_5386b 20140627-FAP_5406b 20140627-FAP_5407b

The kids LOVED finding this snake right next to the path!


The kids collected petals from the flowers by the water (I am NOT good at flower identification obviously!) and then used them to drink from! They thought that was SO fun!

20140627-FAP_5413b 20140627-FAP_5420b 20140627-FAP_5430b 20140627-FAP_5434b

I love this quote.

20140627-FAP_5443b 20140627-FAP_5447b 20140627-FAP_5450b 20140627-FAP_5452b 20140627-FAP_5457b

Photographing bees on flowers – it might be a new passion! HA!