Earlier this spring we went to Peoria to visit my sister’s family and she was taking care of a piglet for work! The kids had a blast for the 15 minutes they got to spend with Oreo before he went back to the farm right after we got in town!


The next morning we went hiking – our family’s favorite activity!


From March-June our kids ages line up – right now they are 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!


Our little Avery LEE loves this cabin!


Chris had soccer so he met us up here the next day – it was spring break so we stayed for a few days!

20160312-FAP_0400_WEB 20160312-FAP_0419_WEB 20160312-FAP_0423_WEB 20160312-FAP_0449_WEB

I’m actually in a photo! HA!

20160312-FAP_0454_WEB 20160312-FAP_0516_WEB

After hiking we went to their zoo – it’s a far cry from the St. Louis Zoo but it was really neat! We stopped at the playground on the way in!

20160312-FAP_0527_WEB 20160312-FAP_0538_WEB

The only photo I took IN the zoo was this squirrel who was eating a Twizzler! HAHAHA!


Rock climbing photos coming soon!