Not much to say except that they WON last night! So exciting but now they are looking to tomorrow’s game against St. Josephs Academy! Again, I am not the best sport’s photographer but I know some of the families might like to see these!

20130513-DSC_5452b 20130513-DSC_5455b 20130513-DSC_5461b 20130513-DSC_5462b 20130513-DSC_5467b 20130513-DSC_5477b 20130513-DSC_5478b 20130513-DSC_5484b 20130513-DSC_5493b 20130513-DSC_5496b 20130513-DSC_5498b 20130513-DSC_5499b 20130513-DSC_5507b 20130513-DSC_5509b 20130513-DSC_5511b 20130513-DSC_5513b 20130513-DSC_5516b 20130513-DSC_5521b 20130513-DSC_5523b 20130513-DSC_5526b 20130513-DSC_5527b 20130513-DSC_5533b 20130513-DSC_5538b 20130513-DSC_5549b 20130513-DSC_5552b 20130513-DSC_5555b 20130513-DSC_5557b 20130513-DSC_5566b 20130513-DSC_5568b 20130513-DSC_5573b

Happy Tuesday!