Just wanted to share this – Chris took over the team in 2008 as head coach for the first time and since then has had 7 of the 10 top winning teams in program history (among other amazing records). When i think back on the ten years of coaching (1 season as JV head coach and 9 seasons as varsity head coach – not counting his seasons coaching boys soccer, field hockey or basketball!) it feels exhausting sometimes. So many nights I had three babies at home by myself, so many things he missed, how 90% of our conversations revolve around this team and about 75% of our fights. How the money he made NEVER equaled the time he put in. But now that it’s almost over all I can remember is all the good stuff. Cheering them on, getting to have so many amazing young women come into our lives, my orange chair that sits in MY spot on the sidelines, the thousands of photos/laughs/tears/celebrations, our family/friends at games with us, Angie by my side for all of it, my kids getting to see how hard work pays off, the wins and even some really hard loses. The lessons my kids have learned as they’ve grown up with this team are immeasurable. It’s all been so so good and it’s also been so worth it. Not just because of these incredible records but because of all the times he taught a girl she could push herself just a little bit harder. That she was a part of a team and that was much more important than what she was doing individually. That getting a yellow card is good sometimes because it means you’re working hard. That you can work harder than you thought possible and have fun all at the same time. He created a program and a team that I am proud to have my kids look up to because it’s full of the best girls I know. He is the hardest working coach I’ve ever known and I’m so incredibly proud of him. Regular season is over and playoffs begin this Saturday. No matter how the season ends it’s been an amazing ride.