As I was getting dressed this morning I made myself laugh out loud at the absurdity of how I chose what to wear. So I decided to blog it.

Here is how I took the kids to school today:

2014-08-14 08.50.37

So my fever broke but I still feel like crap – whatever this “respiratory virus” is really sucks! All that to say I for sure made decisions this morning based on the fact that I don’t feel good, canceled my shoots again today and will be home alone all day working/resting. BUT my decision making wasn’t all that different than normal and that’s what made me laugh.

I’m wearing comfy stretch capri pants from Old Navy – super comfortable. While they are stretchy and comfy I also feel like they look a bit more put together than just sweat pants. I know an over-weight almost 35 year old woman should NOT be wearing tight pants ever but I see so many other women doing it I’ve kind of jumped on the bandwagon. They are also quick to take off once I’m back home in exchange for the actual sweat pants.

My current favorite pair of Toms. Love them.

A tank top from Target (I wear them every day under everything) and a t-shirt from Sevenly (I buy the men’s large b/c they’re super soft and my belly doesn’t need a women’s fit tee hugging that area of my body you know?). I just love Sevenly shirts. I have a few and some other similar ones by American Apparel I actually bought at Sams (I think you know you’ve hit a low point in your style when you happily buy clothes from Sams) for like $5 – that same really thin super soft t-shirt as Sevenly but for a fraction of the cost! These are my go-to shirts almost every day now. I love that people like Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper wear tee shirts all the time too – she’s just WAY more stylish than I am about it!

Sweater from Target. The sweater – it’s hot here. Too hot to wear sweaters all the time but they help hide my back-fat so I wear them a lot. It’s stupid probably but they make me feel better. And I have it in my head that they pull the outfit together! If you can call stretch pants, a tee shirt and a cardigan an outfit.

A real bra.

Oh the bra.

If I had a shoot or something I might have put on a sports bra b/c they are more comfortable for me in the long run. Plus, these days if I know I have an outdoor shoot I usually shower the night before and skip my morning shower, throw on workout clothes and go since I’m usually a hot-sweaty mess by the time I’m done chasing kids around. BUT knowing I was coming home to be alone all day I threw on an actual real bra because it’s easier to unclip in the back and slide out of my shirt the second I get back home. Seriously. This was the point I knew I was a hot mess. I chose my bra based on the fact that it could come OFF faster and easier than a sports bra (I’d have to take my shirt off to get that off). I hate bras. With a red hot passion and wear them only when leaving the house. My poor neighbors see my bra-less all the damn time! My friend Angie thinks I should move to Portland because she felt like she was the only one wearing a bra there while visiting this summer so I’d fit right in!

And I straightened my hair (kind of) after my shower this morning b/c I’ve had a raging headache all week (fever and now I think it’s just the constant coughing) so if it’s at least semi-straight i can leave it down easier since the thought of a pony tail or messy bun just hurt too much.

So the second I walked in the door (after setting up the timer ap on my phone and taking the first photo) I changed into my truly comfy outfit I will be wearing the rest of the day (until I have to go get the kids and will alter it slightly back to the original photo)

2014-08-14 08.54.03

Barefoot. Sweatpants. No bra. Totally comfy and ready for my desk or the couch which is now calling my name after sitting up for a while writing this post!

2014-08-14 08.53.39

And of course no make-up! I am so so so lazy about even adding a little mascara!

It’s sad and pathetic and I’m sure my sweet husband wished I put a little more effort into how I look everyday but the older I get (almost 35) the more I just want to be comfortable all day! I remember thinking my Grandma had lost her mind one time when we were in a department store shopping for clothes for her and she only wanted pants with an elastic waistband. She was 70+ and now I’m about half her age and I’m already mostly in elastic waistband pants!

I totally have sneak peeks I need to get on here and LOADS of family photos I want to share but this struck me as funny today and I so rarely post really personal stuff anymore I was starting to miss it. More and more I’m seeing photographers abandon their blogs because no one reads them anymore – but I like the blog. I like the dairy quality of them. I like reading them and I like writing them. Not that I think I need to tell the world about the status of my under garments all the time but I do hope I can carve out more time to blog about personal things this year.



I ended up abandoning this post yesterday because I started to feel really bad again plus with all the stuff happening in the world it felt silly and childish to post something like this instead of more meaningful thoughts about what’s going on. This morning I feel a lot better so far – probably because I didn’t leave the couch hardly at all yesterday and my wonderful mother picked my kids up from school for me and let them spend the night to really give me time to just be sick. THANK YOU MOM! Bad things are still happening but good things are too and today I think it’s ok to post a silly little post on my blog in my small corner of the internet.