For the record, yes, you can absolutely buy a box of 24 Valentines for $3 or less.  For the record, my kids beg and plead for those, and I’ve only ever been able to do photo cards for my preschoolers before they totally started balking at that idea.  So my littles happily took their Kitties & Puppies (Grace, complete with tiny tatoos!), Toy Story, and Hello Kitty store bought Valentines to pass out today, but I also sent in a little bit extra.

For Grace, we did these iPhone printables wrapped around a box of Brach’s conversation hearts.  You can find the printable HERE

And then both Thomas and Sophie took little treat bags filled with Hugs & Kisses

The middle school boys have outgrown Valentine parties and are having an Ice Cream party today…. which I am making a mental note to NOT volunteer to send in toppings & bowls & spoons for ALL THREE BOYS.  The thought was to knock out all the volunteer responsibilities with one party, but not so easy (or cheap) to keep track of who takes what and then sending the bags and bags of stuff in (because middle school boys, at least mine, are not to keen on mom crashing their party so I wasn’t exactly invited to attend).

So, should I will be picking up some seriously sugar & party high kids this afternoon… with basketball games and dinner in the crockpot on the Valentine evening agenda, oh so romantic, huh?

Hope your Valentine’s Day is fabulous… stayed tuned for the Freeman triplets again… they have turned ONE and we had their session yesterday!  🙂