I had the BEST time yesterday at my first official NEWBORN MINI session! These sessions will be offered all the time now and I’m thrilled to have a different price point for people searching for newborn photography! The reason I had such a good time though was because for the first time I actually get to see this little guy grow up right in front of me instead of only seeing him at the next big milestone for a session – he lives next door!

I was thrilled that Mandy and John brought their THREE boys into the studio yesterday for a session! The best part was some uninterrupted time with Mandy – with our six kids between us we usually have very quick and broken conversations in the front yard but yesterday we had time to chat – so nice!

20140408-FAP_0039bwb 20140408-FAP_0055bwb

My mother-in-law says there is a special place in heaven for Mom’s with three boys!

20140408-FAP_0077b 20140408-FAP_0104b 20140408-FAP_0118b

Look at those lips!

20140408-FAP_0131b 20140408-FAP_0152b 20140408-FAP_9935b 20140408-FAP_9956b

Happy Friday everyone!