I love and adore this family. Especially Will’s Momma. At his session we realized that she is one of our only clients that has seen us through all FOUR studios we’ve had! First it was in our old home in Glendale, then in my in-laws basement, then my first commercial space and then she was the first ever session in my new space! It was really neat. And such an honor that I’ve gotten to capture all three of her kids for so many years. My favorite part is that we’ve had some amazing sessions and some not-so amazing sessions! Luckily we can laugh about the not-so great ones now!

THIS one though? Adorable!


When you book a Cake Smash Session it includes styling with Mary Price from Finch Vintage Rentals. So what does that mean?

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It means you get to go to her warehouse for a meeting to chat with her about all of your ideas. If you don’t have specific ideas you can share with her your likes, decorating style, favorite colors, your baby’s favorite things, etc. and she will help guide you in a great direction. Plus you’ll love her and have a great time!

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The cake smash. OH the cake smash.


First, this gorgeous cake is from Sugerbelle Cakery and it was fantastic!


Second, I want to be the first photographer to say this – about 80% of babies HATE the cake smash. They just do. I’m not sure why, but most babies really hate this part of their session. Maybe they’re sick of us by this point? Maybe they’ve never had cake before? Maybe they don’t want to perform for us? I honestly have no idea because I swear it’s the babies whose parents tell me they LOVED their birthday cake that end up crying the hardest sometimes!

Will didn’t cry but he also really didn’t care about his cake!


I don’t think he even tried it to tell you the truth even though mom tried her hardest to give him tastes.

Not that I wanted to end this blog on a bummer note but I want parents to know that 1. it’s NOT just their kids who hate the cake smash 2. we can still get really cute shots whether they dig right in or cry the whole time and 3. it does help to practice the cake smash at home beforehand – don’t bring a baby that’s never had sweets before b/c that usually back fires. BUT one year olds are one year olds! They are unpredictable and picky! So you just never know. But trust me, in 10 years you will think the not interested or even crying photos are adorable!

A big thanks to Mary and Melinda for making it such a fun day!